Monday, July 11, 2011

Do you believe in yourself?

That is a question I have asked myself many times. Each time I went into a diet I always went in with doubts that I could go all the way with it so in the end I never did. But this time was different I was excited to join Weight Watchers and excited to see the end result. I went into it this time KNOWING I would succeed and finally go all the way! 

So today was my 16th meeting with Weight Watchers and I lost another 3lbs to put my grand total of weight loss at 33.8 pounds. I am so proud of myself for all I have accomplished in the last 16 weeks not just the weight loss but the other changes I have made. I have a new sense of self confindence knowing that only I can change what I don't like about myself and that in itself is the control I have always thought I had. All these years of thinking I was in control of myself I wasn't, I was out of control. Not only with my weight but with my choices I made. I never really thought anything through or really took into account the consequences my choices have given me. I hate that it has taken me till 27 years old to come to this realization but hey better late then never right? I can not let my set backs be my excuses anymore. AGAIN, I am the only one who controls how things affect me. My mother's death really has played a huge part in my whole thinking process. I have let it be the excuse to everything. "Oh I just gorged myself to death on all that food" Its ok I have lost my mother. "Oh I just lost my temper for no good reason" Its ok I have lost my mother. For me that is not ok anymore. She wouldn't want that for me she wouldn't want me always dwelling on loosing her. Yes it was ok to grieve but not take it to the extremes I have.

So back to the question in hand: Do you believe in yourself?

Yes, yes I do! I believe whole heartedly in myself. I just like anyone will have my days of doubt, but this time the good always out "weighs" the bad!

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  1. I believe in myself. I have had to for a very long time, because since I was 15, I was all I had.

    Sometimes I disappoint myself. Sometimes I make mistakes, but ultimately I believe I can do anything I put my mind to.